The A.E.Z.R. PET HOSPITAL is an off-shoot of the Veterinary Practice which started more than 40 years ago where the “cows outnumber the joggers so many moon years ago.”

The practice then was known as Addison Street Veterinary Hospital and was located on Addison Street near the University of California Berkeley. During its inception in the late seventies, cows were never seen to roam around this urban community. The Addison Street Veterinary Hospital was owned and operated by 7 veterinarian friends. Eventually, these 7 veterinarians decided to build their own practices, leaving Dr. Emilio to run the pet hospital in Berkeley.
He commuted everyday from Petaluma to Berkeley. In the weekends, his wife, Ampy and 2 children, Rex and Zandra, would help him at the hospital.

In 1980, he then decided to move the practice to Petaluma. The Zamoras is the fifth set of family veterinarians in Petaluma.

Dr. Emilio now comes and goes into the hospital daily. But the practice is now mostly under the watch by his daughter-in-law, Dr. Elmar, and his son Rex.

It is Dr. Elmar and Rex’s hope and initiative, to continue the genuine “pet care with a heart” that Dr. Emilio has established since the days the cows outnumbered the joggers.

Welcome to our hospital!

We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Petaluma, CA and surrounding areas.

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